Peranakan Woman Doorstop


The Peranakan Woman Door Stop comes in different batik bajus. (Dresses). Each handmade door stop is unique- with each Peranakan Woman wearing a slightly different smile and different dress.

A bit about the "Peranakan Woman". The Peranakan Woman is a cultural identity unique to South East Asia. The word Peranakan means, “local born” in the Malay language. The Straits Chinese Peranakans are the descendants of the early Chinese community who married the Malay people and settled in the Malay Archipelago from the 15th century. The Peranakan culture is an amalgamation of the Chinese and Malay culture. A Peranakan lady traditionally wears a sarong (long wrap skirt usually made of cotton batik), kebaya (an intricately embroidered blouse which is pinned at the front), kerosang (a type of brooch that pins
the Kebaya together), and a type of hair bun called a

The Peranakan Woman Doorstop is shipped overseas without the filler. Just unzip upon arrival and stuff with cotton wool and pebbles till full. (see photos) Local orders may request for the doorstop to be sent with filler.

Please note that the design of the Peranakan woman's dress fabric may vary due to availability.