Samsui Woman Doorstop


A bit about the "Samsui Woman".

The Samsui Woman is a Singapore icon. Between 1930 and 1980, many young women from the impoverished Samsui County of
Guangong in Southern China came to Singapore as construction workers. They worked very hard, many till they were very old , but lived simply so they could send most of their earnings back to their families in China.

Their distinctive outfit consists of red head gear, a China-blue pant suit called a Samfu and an apron.Their headgear was created by folding a one meter square piece of starched red cloth
over their head, which served as a shield from the sun and dust.

The Samsui Woman Doorstop comes without the filler for easy shipping. Just unzip upon arrival and stuff with cotton wool and pebbles till full.

(Usual Price SGD$35/ USD$28)